Testimonials from Caregivers

Real, unpaid testimonials from caregivers who have attended Kindermusik classes at Rhythm & Muse!


"I loved bringing my boys to one of the classes. It takes place at that hard time of day when I would WANT something to do with my kiddos but felt I had zero ideas... and viola!! Grateful..."

- Sara, Mom on the move, Level 3


"We love Rhythm and Muse! As a mom of 2 under 2, these sorts of classes can be overwhelming at times. But Kacie is so amazing at jumping in and lending a helping hand with my babies when needed. She’s so attentive and caring! The classes are energetic and fun for both kiddos and caregivers, and we’ve learned so many songs, dances, and developmental techniques that we now use in the home!!"

-Alli, Mom of 2, Foundations Class


"My son is very energetic and hard to calm for listening. Ms. Kacie did AMAZING! He learned so much and I loved watching him be himself while following instructions and having fun."

- Sammy, Boy mama, Level 3



"The foundations class has been a great experience for me and my 14 month old. She has learned a lot from socializing with other kids to creating music of her own. I catch her in the day to day doing things she has learned from class. Meeting other moms at the class has been great too! It’s a great community to be apart of and I highly recommend!"

- Jeni, 2 under 2, Foundations


"Rhythm and Muse is the perfect enrichment program for your little ones. Kacie puts her all into creating an environment that is fun and designed specifically for your child’s developmental stage. Meeting other parents is an extra bonus."
- Bekah, Mom of 3, Foundations


"We have so enjoyed our experience. My 2.5 old loved the interactive format and Miss Kacie is a wonderful, loving teacher who is skilling at getting all the children involved and learning at their own skill level. My daughter had so much fun being exposed to new instruments and being around other children. We highly recommend!"

- Danielle, Girl mama, Level 2


“My kids really enjoyed doing the trial classes with Kacie! My 5 year old really loved the take home crafts!”

-Gina, Mom of 2, Foundations