Frequently Asked Questions

Do I drop my child off for class?

No. Caregivers are expected to stay and participate. In Foundations, Level 2 & Mixed Age you are there with your child the entire session. In Level 3, you join for the last 15 minutes of class. Classes are 45 minutes of Kindermusik with 15 minutes of free instrument exploration and unstructured socialization at the end.

What is included in the gold package?

Our Gold Package is our top deal with the ability to add another child for only $80 the semester! You will get all that the standard semester package includes, (1 Kindermusik class a week (enrolled), unlimited make-up classes, ability to age or bump up into a new level when appropriate, 1 take-home craft per unit each semester, other take-home materials associated with the lesson) but you also receive all benefits to the Muse Pass subscription ( Enjoy access to our Saturday sensory, craft sessions, and story times occurring at least two times a month without paying the registration fee) all semester long. The gold package gives you ultimate class experience by also including an instrument, Rhythm & Muse T-shirt and 15% off any additional merch purchased in the store!

If I add-on a child at check out, is another class per week included?

No. When you add-on a child to your package, you are adding them to that 1 class per week you have signed up for. If you would like one child to attend one level, and your other little to attend their own, you will have to enroll them each into their own package at full rate.

What is Kindermusik?

An inclusive music based curricula focused on giving children confidence while they develop motor, social and musical skills. Inclusive curricula starts with an inclusive mindset. As an early childhood company, Kindermusik is hyper-focused on the healthy development of children in environments where they feel seen, heard, and celebrated. This is done through predictable, regular meetings and group activities where both individuality is invited and community is built.

We know you’ll love this curricula as much as we do!

What is the Muse Pass?

The Muse Pass is a MONTHLY subscription for $40 a month that gives you and your child unlimited access to any story hour, sensory session, and craft sessions without paying the registration fee. You have the option to add-on an additional child for only $15 more a month, making this package ideal for local families with more than one kid.

Does my child have to complete foundations to be in a level 2 class?

No, they do not. Please enroll your child in the level of class you think is developmentally appropriate.

What will your sensory play dates and craft sessions be like?

Your child’s brain will light up at the different sensory opportunists they will find at these sessions. Sounds, smells, feels, movement and more. Each session will have rotating activities to keep it fresh and exciting each time. Crafts will be posted ahead of time, offering a variety at each session to accommodate for different developmental levels. Crafts are made to be a learning tool that you can take back home with you. Everything is catered to you and your little being able to experience these moments together and create something that will educate your child!

Can I attend these sessions without the Muse Pass?

Yes! If you don’t think you can regularly attend our bi-monthly saturday sessions, you can register for each session individually for $25 per event. Registration will be done through Links will be posted to our socials, (@rhythmandmusestudio) and through the online calendar.