My Favorite Things to Put in a Care Package

My Favorite Things to Put in a Care Package

Now that I have a kid, I love pregnancy announcements. What used to feel like a sometimes annoying clog on my timeline now is an exciting moment where I picture a new BFF for my kid to grow up with.

My most recent announcement I've gotten excited for is my cousin Hana. Without getting into too much detail she's my cousin by blood but a sister by heart. She will be bringing a baby boy into the world this winter.

Of course we have been scheming all the ways the boys can have experiences the way we did together over the years but it's all been by calls and texts because she lives in Louisiana and airfare is insanely expensive right now. I wanted to do something to let her know I care but also help prepare and pamper her.

Sounded like the perfect time to assemble one of my custom care boxes.

Why go through the trouble to make your owsn when a company can send one for you?

Personally I love gifting. Finding something someone will love excites me! Gift boxes are a creative way to get useful and fun things for someone to say a variety of things. This time it's "congratulations on getting pregnant!" but it's also a great way to help take care of someone who is sick or going through a tough time.

That last several times I've received or sent boxes from companies I really wasn't satisfied. The price was so high and the sample was so small or I had to compromise what was inside based on box availability.

Curating your own box is normally a touch more expensive but it really just depends how crazy you go with it. I filled this one with some hand-me-down maternity clothes as the base and on top had all vegan/clean/cruelty free products for first and second trimester symptoms or general motherhood pampering needs. I'll get into product detail shortly for those curious.

It's fun going into stores and picking out little things from by the check-out aisle you wouldn't let yourself spend money on if it were for you. When you craft the care box you get to add these extra personalized touches that even a "customized" box from a nice retailer isn't going to be able to do like:

  • Items you have personally attest to
  • Include their favorites like candy, brand names, inside jokes etc.
  • more diversity within the brands inside
  • tailor exactly to your budget
  • a chance to recycle! Sometimes it's appropriate to send extras of something you didn't use, a hand-me-down, something homemade etc depending on the recipient. Also a chance recycle paper by shredding it and using it as a fluffy base for your box.



Stand-out Products from this Care Box:

Here's my favorite items I included this time with a more comprehensive list on my video linked HERE.

Pink Blush maternity and nursing dress - This was a hand-me-down but their stuff is so nice, it deserved to be worn again. I couldn't find an exact link to the dress I sent but here is one similar. (HERE) Price isn't right for everyone. This is the more cost-effective dress off Amazon I also wore all the time. (HERE) :)

Silicone face scrubber from Daily Concepts - I love the silicone face scrubbies! My face has never felt more clean than after using those babies! Actually cleans out the oil from my giant pores and she has the same skin chemistry as me. Knew it would be great for her but really can't recommend these enough!

Essential oil rub for headaches - I had headaches ALL THE TIME. It was terrible until I was sent this essential oil combo for headaches! It helped so much. she's also into the natural medicines when applicable so when she started telling me about her headaches, I knew this was going to make it into the box for sure. (THIS STUFF)

Pacifica REUSABLE eye masks - Eye masks are my favorite but always felt wasteful. I jumped for joy when I saw these reusable ones from a trusted and favorite brand of mine! I love Pacifica for being vegan and cruelty free across the board! (HERE)



Those products are pretty specific to a pregnancy box but as I mentioned before there are dozens of reasons to send a care box. I also recently did one for the nurses at a rehab center my uncle was staying at- who doesn't love a basket full of surprises anyway? I'll help you get started if you've not put together one before.

My general carebox guidelines - what to look for:

  •  something soft
  • something sweet
  • something salty
  • something moisturizing
  • a small fun item
  • something colorful/patterned
  • something for freshening up
  • something to directly help with the reason you're sending the package
  • phone charger/adapters/headphones (great for careboxes for people who are away)

Gifting is a great blessing to be able to do but of course not the only way to send love and care to someone you're thinking about.

Look later this month for a post about that! Gifting is my love language I lean towards I think because I like the idea of providing something that takes care of people. I'm a mother-to-all kind of person.

It might not come naturally to you but that why you do send a carebox! Boxes are very much so a "the thought that matters" kind of gift! If they happen to not like the candy you put in, they will still appreciate you went out and box it and wrote a little note yourself for the box saying you hope they enjoy it. Day still made and now their spouse or coworkers get a treat too!

Happy gifting!!

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