Favorite Things in My House Right Now (2021)

Favorite Things in My House Right Now (2021)

Consumerism drives our country. This leads to good things like advances in technology but it also brings on a slew of companies pushing out shotty products to make a buck. I have been burned many times. Back in college I was so naive in purchasing, I'd REALLY hate to find out how much money I truly wasted on crap I didn't end up using or was poor quality.

About three years ago I started becoming extremely conscious of what my money goes into. I typically take a while to vet something before I buy it. It's gotten even worse now that I have a child that wants to stick everything in his mouth. My opinion isn't worth much but I'd say the one time you don't need to think too hard about trusting it is when I recommend a product.

When I am shopping for something it typically needs to meet my standards with price vs utility, durability, storage ability, environmental impact and physical appearance. Here are my favorite products I'm using a lot in my house right now. Nothing here is crazy and unheard of, but if you've been on the edge about something let me be the kick you need!


1. Vinegar

Vinegar should be more highly respected. It is incredibly versatile and AFFORDABLE. Would you like to make dye more vibrant? Vinegar. Want really clean windows/tile/mirrors/countertops/sinks? Vinegar. Need help lifting a laundry stain? Vinegar. Want to soften up a new t -hirt? Vinegar. It can remove candle wax, clarify hair, be used as emergency flea spray for your pets, set a fruit fly trap, brightening for your skin, clean/sanitize just about anything. Vinegar should always be in your house.

FYI while you're picking up vinegar, grab some baking soda. Together the two are a dream team that cannot be stopped.


2. Outlets with USB ports

It's a luxury I guess but once you have them, you'll wonder why all your outlets aren't like that. I hate having to find little charging bases scattered about or having my cord and no base in sight when I actually need to charge up.  Once we got a couple of these in the house, the clutter cleared up a bit. Less fighting over outlets too because you still get 2 regular three prong plugs too. Don't overload your circuit and go crazy with it but if there is one stop you are constantly fighting over a plug to charge your phone, throw one of these babies in! It will change that little corner of your house forever. They also really aren't that much more expensive so it's a lot of bang for your buck.


3. Steam mop 

It seems like one of those things you don’t actually need- like a carpet cleaner. How often will you really use it? It’s way more convenient than things like carpet cleaners. I use it - at least- weekly!

Nothing gets my floors as clean. Plus the steam gets into the grout and helps clean that a bit too. I use water and essential oils in mine. Sometimes I add a dash of vinegar.

The only thing I’d wish is different with mine is the cord. If it had some more footage on it that would be nice. A minor inconvenience but worth noting as you browse.

This Christmas, ask for a nice steam mop!


4. This floor couch

This purchase happened because I needed something to go into Shiloh’s playroom.

I wanted a sitting area that wouldn’t end up being something for him to fall off of once he is crawling around. Therefore, this convertible floor couch is what I decided on.

It ended up being the perfect thing for the room! I really couldn’t imagine having something else in there. It’s a small room so the compact design was just what I needed.

It’s surprisingly comfy. My dog goes and takes naps in the playroom on it. We do story time on it. I sit on it while he does tummy time. It’s used daily and is holding up great so far.

About to convert it to use it for its bed purpose this weekend.


5. Mini photo printer

It’s come in handy more times than you can imagine. Friends and family love receiving photos in the mail. Hard photos are hard to come by in the digital age.

After someone visits I like to use my Canon Selphy printer to get pictures off my phone and send them a note for visiting with a photo inside!

If you like to scrapbook it’s great for quick prints. If you ordered Christmas cards and accidentally forgot to include someone, it REALLY saves the day then... not from

personally experience or anything.

There are a bunch of kinds you can get. I like mine but I’ve also never tried any other ones- in general if you like taking pictures or having keepsakes then definitely get one of these!


6. Immersion blender

An immersion blender sounds fancy but everyone should have one. It makes easy meals even easier.

Breakfast is a dream. Perfect eggs. Fluffy pancakes. Plump biscuits. The immersion blender can help you with it all and with less mess than whatever you were planning to do before.

It’s my go-to gift on someone’s wedding registry. I’ve made some amazing salad dressings, sauces and marinades with mine. They are user-friendly so don’t think it’s complicated to figure out.


7. Rug tape


Huge pet peeve of mine is when a rug curls up on the ends. It’s a safety hazard and a clutz like me will trip over it. I tried everything but what ended up working for Never Curl! I was skeptical and now I want it for all the rugs in the house!


8. Universal pot lids

What is this sorcery? Yes, they are a thing. It's glorious. I HATE how disorganized pots and tops storage gets. Kitchens do not come with enough cabinets!

For Christmas this past year I got a gift from my aunt where I opened it up and had absolutely no idea what it was. Little did I know they would change my life. They were these universal pot lids. They are silicone and come in a couple different sizes and between those few will fit any pot or pan as a lid!. No longer do you need that specific brand's lid! These just sit right on top. It all fits neatly in the cabinet now.

Added bonus: These are WAYYYY easier to clean than glass lids. Nothing has ever stuck to mine yet and I cook a lot of different foods!


9. Re-usable kitchenware

A must for anyone who claims to care about the environment. Most of our waste comes from the kitchen! I don't prefer the disposable version of any of my usable products except occasionally it is nice to throw away a snack bag if something sticky was in it. The BEST ones in my kitchen are the Silpat silicon pan liner, my re-usable muffin tins, and mason jars from previous purchases.

Always save your jars! I use them to store rice, nuts, vegetable broth etc. They also come in handy for crafts. Recycling directly at home is the only way to really ensure something is being repurposed anymore. Saving your jars is a great way to ease yourself into environmentally friendly habits.


10. Glass baby bottles

Glass baby bottles? They seem like an awful idea right? Glass. For. Babies.

In reality, they are awesome. For me, it's about the clean. Heated plastic can get a cloudiness to it that is just a pain to wipe off to look clean. Sanitizing bottles can scratch them up quickly too and before you know it, you can't read the measurements. So far, my glass bottles are holding up the best. They clean up so much easier. The glass is nice and thick too so I don't think Shiloh will be breaking them anytime soon.

I stand by my bougie bottles.


Don't spend your money on stuff that's not worth it. It's so last year. Take my word on these 10 things! Good luck and happy shopping.

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