5 Ways to Declutter Before/After Christmas

5 Ways to Declutter Before/After Christmas

Having a clean space isn't just trendy. Clean homes not only positively impact mental health but they also cut down on day-to-day inconveniences. 

Once you have children that gets significantly harder and it's not a snub to your ability to keep up your home. This new found difficulty is why you should set aside at least once a year a time to declutter. 

I love to do it around Christmas. It just kind of makes sense. Out with the old, in with the new. Around this time kids tend to age up with their toys or old favorites are hardly seen again.

Before you go searching for a nook in the closet you still have space to shove something into, check out these 5 decluttering tips that are perfect to slide into your schedule before and after Christmas to reset your home for the New Year.


1) Get your child to participate in choosing which of their toys to get rid of this this helpful Santa letter

THIS letter (linked) is a great tool to getting your kids into the routine of helping others while also helping clean the house.

Have you ever noticed that your child is more willing to share something than they are at helping you clean up? Same idea. Instead of asking them to clean up their toys, have them read this letter written to them by Santa and help them as they decide what old toys etc to let Santa pick-up for girls and boys in need.

After this trick, you might find them doing it all year long. 


2) After Christmas morning, find the duplicates and shed them from your home

This is a big problem I have. I get the new item meant to replace something but then insist my old item has some life left in it. The new thing ends up in the back of the pantry and then when I finally dispose of the original... I have forgotten or lost my replacement.

If someone bought you a new one... they too thought it was time for the original to go. LET GO. 

Letting go doesn't mean you have to throw it away! There are lots of sustainable decluttering options too! (check out some below!)



3) Post on Facebook that you've got the goods to giveaway

Don't want to throw away everything? Please don't! The last thing I want is landfills getting more treasure added to them. Try Facebook first!

You even have lots of avenues from there. There are Buy Nothing groups where people say they have things they don't want that are free for pick-up, you can sell it on marketplace or just put the SOS to your friends and see if you have any takers!

You'd be surprised what people find value in! I've even seen empty milk jugs go before!


4) Choose 1 Day to do all the closets

I'm willing to bet you get your biggest haul will be from your closets. Deep in the corners, many surprises await.

My rule is always if I find it, forgot about it so long I haven't seen it since I packed it up to move into the house- then bye!

The closets are overwhelming so just pick 1 day to focus only on closets. And remember just because the space has been freed doesn't mean something has to go back into it!


5) Look up some shelters and see what their needs are to inspire your clean-up & directly help them at the same time

Not to sure where to begin your clean? Does everything feel like it's important? Look up some local shelters or businesses that take donations (*cough*me*LINK*)

 See what they WANT first and then go through and maybe next time you pick up something you never use but feel compelled to keep, you'll be able to part ways and give it to people who want to use it and not to store it.

This is my favorite way to declutter! I feel SO good after a drop off like this. Knowing it's going to make a direct difference sure does help.

When my house is clear from clutter I feel like my mind is more free and that's exactly what I want as we usher in 2023- and every year!

At the end of the day, most of us are so blessed. More than we realize in a social world that is designed to make us feel like we are always missing something. That we need more. Maybe what we need more of is space. Give yourself space to grow in your home.


Bye, Friends!


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