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2-3 Year Olds


Older toddlers have tons of energy and curiosity. Level 2 classes are all about exploring creativity and enhancing cognitive development through singing, dancing, and instrument play, while grownups learn how to help unpack big emotions with music rich in language development.

In this intimate class of no more than 6 families, you will be learning alongside (parent participation required) with your little one for 1 hour of fun! The first 45 minutes of class will be Kindermusik and the last 15 is (an optional) free exploration time with instruments and unstructured socialization. 

"The foundations class has been a great experience for me and my 14 month old. She has learned a lot from socializing with other kids to creating music of her own. I catch her in the day to day doing things she has learned from class. Meeting other moms at the class has been great too! It’s a great community to be apart of and I highly recommend!"

- Jeni, 2 under 2, Foundations

Package Details:



$75 for the June 3rd - June 28th Summer Session A 

$75 for July 1st - Aug 1st Summer Session B (No class week July 21-27th)

Siblings in the same class are only $50

Sign up for both sessions for  $125 ($75 in savings)

(4 weeks per session)

SESSION A UNIT INFO: “Up in the Sky”

Up, up, and away! In this unit, we'll explore all the things that find their home in the sky through songs, instruments, vocal play, and Listening activities. Get ready to fly Kites, meet Mister Robin, pretend to be clouds, and reach for the stars. There's so much fun and learning Up in the Sky!

Well work on spatial awareness, asking for our needs, and sensory exploration.

SESSION B UNIT INFO: “Down on the Ground”

Look down and get grounded! In this unit, we explore the World of creatures found at our feet. We'll engage a child's natural curiosity as we hop like bunnies, crawl like caterpillars, and move high and low like squirrels. Well hear and imitate crickets chirping and dogs barking, perform a familiar spider fingerplay, and have fun With nonsense Words, too. Through songs, listening activities, and vocal and instrument play, we'll deepen the sense of wonder that children have about the World. With all the great music and learning, there's no end to the fun found Down on the Ground!

1 Kindermusik class a week (enrolled,) unlimited make-up classes, ability to age or bump up into a new level when appropriate, 1 take-home craft per unit each semester, other take-home materials associated with the lesson and for the summer your tuition includes an hour of optional sensory exploration after class.

*Please note, if you “add on” a child, you do not get an extra class per week. You are adding on a child to that time you have selected to enroll. To attend two different class times/levels you must enroll for each.

You will "add on" at check-out the amount of siblings you wish to have attend class :)*

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